"Not all those who wander are lost."
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Live to explore the many wonders of the world and let it define your destiny.

Month: March 2017


To watch movies is definitely one activity we all share to enjoy, but genres do vary. But I’m sure you guys have your top lists too. But most of the time, choosing the best ones isn’t as easy as we thought it was. We always differ with our preferences depending on who’s the actor, director, the story, the genre of movie we love to watch or simply with our mood? Confusing right? But it’s always what you feel after watching it that matters.

So I’m kind of excited to share my top romantic movie choices with you guys on this post. Some of these you may have watched already and probably may not be your favorite choice though. Feel free to share your thoughts on these films in the comment box below.

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Surviving the Japanese Life

Five Ways to Survive in Japan

The idea of relocating to a new country is definitely one exciting experience for anybody. You learn and appreciate new culture and customs. It expands your understanding on how other nationalities differ from yours. At some point we get to correct some prejudices we may previously had for that country. On the other hand, it still has its pros and cons which we have to deal with as well.
Looking back at the time I first set foot in the “land of the rising sun” Japan for an English teaching job, it was certainly challenging knowing that it’s completely different from what I used to have back home in Philippines. Most of the concern was how will I survive in a city where everything is constantly at fast pace. But, I won’t deny I was thrilled to come here. A childhood dream finally realized. Little did I know there will be surprises in between. Now, how did I really “survive” it?

Well, here are five ways that helped me make it..

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Best Weekend Getaway in Futakotamagawa

 “It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.”
                                                                                – Moises Arias

Working in a busy city like Tokyo, a lot of us may wonder how people can unwind and be stress free even for a while. Various options for relaxation are available around the city center but somehow it is ineffective for  me since most of it are pretty crowded especially on weekends. This made me look for something worthy to ease my stress away. Luckily I found  it just 15 minutes from central Tokyo.The place is called Futakotamagawa.
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