Best Weekend Getaway in Futakotamagawa


 “It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.”
                                                                                – Moises Arias

Working in a busy city like Tokyo, a lot of us may wonder how people can unwind and be stress free even for a while. Various options for relaxation are available around the city center but somehow it is ineffective for  me since most of it are pretty crowded especially on weekends. This made me look for something worthy to ease my stress away. Luckily I found  it just 15 minutes from central Tokyo.The place is called Futakotamagawa.


Getting There

To get around Japan basically requires familiarity on their train and subway system. What I did to help me get around Tokyo is access google map (really helpful) on my smartphone and check  which line (the term they use for either train or subway available for transportation on certain stations) I’m going to take. I find that most of Japan’s transportation service convenient and clean. So you would definitely enjoy the ride going to your destination.

I took the Denentoshi Line from Shibuya for 18 minutes going to Futakotamagawa Station. However, the travel time varies if one takes the local or express line.

Enjoying at the Park

Being in outdoor in Tokyo has always been my favorite hobby ever since. This park serves as my sole escape after a loaded week of work. Whether you are alone or with your partner or even with your family, this park is certainly recommendable for everyone in all ages. Not to mention that this park is adjacent to a nearby Tama River which serves as a boarder between Tokyo and Kawasaki area. I always get mesmerized  by the view here. It is so peaceful providing me the relaxation I need. But what exactly to do here?

Most of the time I’m here I stroll along the river area watching families playing with their kids, having  picnic or  walking their pets along the long stretch of the river. The walking paths likewise provide venue for those who wants to stay fit by running or jogging. But the park isn’t just about those activities I mentioned, it has a nearby Starbucks café where I visited twice. I had tea while enjoying the view of the river and that made the whole experience worthwhile. So for most couples it gives them that peace and privacy to just go around the place at the same time have their favorite coffee. But visiting the park varies depending on the season. We went there around winter so it was cold. Having a hot coffee would help get rid of the chilly feeling.

To be in the park multiple times I get to see how super friendly it is for everyone. With the children’s face looking so happy at the playground it makes you want to be a kid again. The landscape of the park makes parents feel secure of their children’s safety too. I even thought of playing there myself which is kind of awkward for an adult like me to do. But you can’t blame me. Better check this out when you have the chance to visit.

Shopping and Food Delight

Apart from the view you can get from nature, Futakotamagawa also has huge shopping malls especially the Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center. It has all similar boutiques and restaurants we often see in central Tokyo so you can still have your shopping spree here. When I came in those malls, I was amazed with the shops available inside. I felt like being a “shopaholic” drooling over the goods I see around.

Just right at the back of the big mall, there’s a famous shopping street where you can find upscale brands from clothes, shoes and bags. No wonder Futakotamagawa  is known to be a high-end residential and shopping neighborhood here in Tokyo.

Although shopping malls often have restaurants and cafe’s, I still prefer going to restaurants outside big malls. There are reasonable shops to try nearby the station. I guess most streets here in Tokyo are filled with ramen, tonkatsu and sushi restaurants. However, it’s always up to what your appetite wants. I recently had ramen which has always been one of my favorite experience here in Japan. So tasty that I decided to share it here in my blog. It’s definitely worth your money.

Worth to try having ramen here. The price is reasonable and delicious. Definitely worth your money.
Select from delicious choices on their menu.

This restaurant is located at “東京都世田谷区玉川3-13-4”. It’s only 3 minutes walk from Futakotamagawa station.

Tsutaya Treats

Tsutaya is a large bookstore and electronic store known all around Japan. The one you can find here in Futakotamagawa just opened recently in May of 2015. Actually, all I know about this particular shop is that you can purchase books or rent DVDs. But this one is insanely one of the best I’ve seen so far. When at the entrance, you will immediately appreciate the sense of artistry present in the building. It has a bookshop  (my haven) mostly Japanese but you can still find English though, mobile, stationery, networking, music and electronic items which occupies the entire first floor.

Besides these, if you are having a family yourself you  will enjoy the other goods present on the upper level of the building. This includes food and cooking, beauty, wellness and housekeeping. I would say this place is worth visiting. Everything you need from personal items to home decors are readily available in this shop. Make sure to drop by.

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