Exploring Yamanashi

Working in Tokyo is as busy as you could imagine it would be. One way to escape from this, go out of town. There will be choices for this however, what comes to my mind especially this summer is Kawaguchiko Lake. Situated at the foot of Mt. Fuji, you will definitely have multiple sight seeing treats to choose from.

Recently, I had a day trip with a close friend to Kawaguchiko Lake in Yamanashi prefecture. She really wanted to go there and so I come along since Mt. Fuji has been one of the many bucket lists I have while in Japan. I guess this is just one of the many reasons why I love this country. It has been excellent on preserving its natural attraction which both local and foreign tourists enjoy.


My friend booked 2 return tickets going to Kawaguchiko Station from Shinjuku Express Bus Station which costs us 3,500 yen but children get to have a much cheaper price for about 800 yen one way. The ride going to Kawaguchiko Station takes roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. The accessibility is very convenient for those who are not keen on long traveling period.

Upon arriving at the station, you have to get a map of course. You can check the various attractions available and the route you need to take to get to the sites you want to explore. However, if you have planned your itinerary beforehand then that would be much better.

Cycles for rent

To help you access the different sights, visitors have an option of renting cycles or bicycles located just near the station. The price varies according to the number of hours you want to use it. We rented for an hour to go around the lake which was so much fun. I would highly recommend renting it longer if you have budget for it. However, if you prefer something more convenient, you can avail their two-day bus ticket to see all three lakes or have the Kawaguchiko Lines (red) for Saikyo Lines (blue).


Kawaguchiko offers a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from all its different corners. Even while on our way there we can’t help but be excited. We thought of really visiting all the sites available for us. And here’s what we’ve tried on the trip.

• Kawaguchiko Lake

The lake created a unique magical element on my appreciation of Mt. Fuji. Despite a gloomy weather on that day we could still really appreciate how beautiful Kawaguchiko Lake is, adding to that is Fujisan on the background proudly giving the visitors proof on how magnificent nature can be. So, we rode a small ferry which gave us a tour around the lake for 900 yen. The tour took not more than 10 minutes allowing us to capture all the different angles of the lake.

Chureito Pagoda

The familiar entrance of most Japanese temple and shrines

No more than ten minutes from Kawaguchiko Station is the stunning five storied Chureito Pagoda situated on a mountainside in Fujiyoshida city which overlooks Mount Fuji. Known for its perfect picturesque of Fujisan, most tourists can’t help but be in awe of the spectacular view it offers especially during the spring season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Amazing view of Mt.Fuji going up the pagoda

For those of you who are interested to check this site, make sure you’re strong enough to take those steps going up. We had quite a challenge on that day we climb it since it’s summer and definitely humid. But “No pain, no gain.” Reaching the top will surely make you say, it’s all worth the sweat.

If you check here you can have more options for other cool activities you can try while in Kawaguchiko. Whether you are with family, friends or new aquaintances, visiting Kawaguchiko is truly one place you all can enjoy.

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