Himawari Experience at Showa Kinen Park

A year of surreal experiences here in Tokyo, I never thought that finally, I would get to see one of my most favorite flowers – sunflower (Himawari – in Japanese) just like all other bucket lists I’ve managed to check in a year. I’ve searched many possible places where to find it however, it’s far from where I’m staying and last year I had previously planned something different instead. But not for this summer.

Still, around Tokyo area, it took roughly an hour from my station to Tachikawa station by Namboku Line and another change at Yotsuya using JR Chou Line. Similar with my other visits outside Tokyo, the view from the train never gives me dull moments. So, most of the time I’m awake during the whole ride looking at the different sites to see like Japanese landscapes and buildings. Who doesn’t?

Upon arriving at Tachikawa Station you would instantly be welcomed with the swarm of people going in and out especially on weekends. Apparently, the park is 15 minutes away from the station which is never that far if you have already adjusted living in Japan. Walking is inevitable.

As I arrived at the park, I instantly fell in love with the grandiose view from the entrance gate giving you a preview of what’s inside the park. In order for us to get in, we have to purchase entrance ticket which varies according to age. Mostly children and elderly get cheaper fees. The ticket comes in groups for those who visit with friends or in a larger family. The price is worth it so don’t worry.

I enjoyed our day visit at the park by renting a bicycle since it may take hours before you can actually go around the entire park. The whole place is by far the largest park I’ve ever been to. So, it is recommendable to rent a bike for the whole day. We rented the two seater bike knowing it was the best choice but I would prefer you take the regular bike. I hurt my knee quite a bit since my friend had a hard time balancing it. It’s an advantage if you can cycle knowing there a number of attractions to check out.

For the sightseeing part, the map will give the various attractions to visit. It includes a lake, themed gardens, a rainbow pool, fountain and canal and other attractions for dogs and a bird sanctuary as well. We particularly find our way towards my main goal for going there – see the sunflowers. We made it there and the feeling was indescribable. Sunflowers were so big that it made say “Oh my gosh”, the whole time (literally!).

We ended up the trip with some delicious ice cream treat just close to the entrance gate. The weather wasn’t too friendly so we skipped the Hanabi (fireworks festival) since it started to rain. Make sure to check the weather whenever you go somewhere outdoor. Overall, visiting the park was still one of the best experience I have here in Japan. Hope you guys can visit the place for the next season.

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