Amazing Japanese Vending Machines


Be Vendo Surprised!

Whenever you think of convenience,there is always one country that comes to mind – Japan.
It is truly surprising how this country live up to the definition of the word convenience. Their vending machines are a solid proof to that. But, convenience shops are not an exemption on this category for sure. Once you arrive at the airport you will come across with several vending machines offering varied types of goods. Take note – “VARIED”.


vending machine


Let me start with the popular beverage vending machine. This includes water, juice, soda and tea. Whether it is winter or other seasons of the year, this vending machine never gets ignored by people. Mostly they are located in stations, establishments and various street corners around Japan. I particularly have this one as my favourite. The price range starts at 120 to 180 yen. So make sure you keep your coins with you. Coins are a must have here in Japan. Better familiarize yourself on Japanese coins to avail these goods.

coffee vending machine

Another vending machine not to miss is the coffee vending machines. For those who does not want to spend much in Starbucks, this one is a better alternative. You can easily find this type of vending machine because of Tommy Lee Jones’ (remember the guy in movie “Men in Black?) photo printed in the machine. Well, you can see it for yourself when you visit Japan. Coffee lovers will definitely like it.

The types of vending machines does not limit to liquids only. Interestingly enough, different types of food like noodle-based meals, ice cream, sandwiches and frozen food served hot vending machines can be enjoyed as well. Likewise , fresh bananas and sliced apples are readily available for those who wants a light quick snack. It is like having a mini supermarket in a box. Busy or not, make sure to try this one.

Over the course of my one year stay in Japan, it never came to my mind that I would witness more surprising types of vending machines. To name a few, they have women’s underwear in vending machines. At first, I thought it was hilarious but I realize that I am in Japan. Anything is possible and available for people’s convenience. Weather changes is not a problem since umbrellas are accessible too. To top it, things like books, batteries, toy cars, cigarettes and Buddhist charms add to the choices. “Name it and Japan’s vending machines have it.”

underware vending machine

The list of vending machines is immeasurable in this country. It is no wonder how Japan never fails to amaze international tourists not just with its overwhelming customer service but also with products offered in variety. Whether or not you are a local or international tourist, this machine should never be missed out on your list. There is no doubt that Japanese vending machines are here to stay.

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  1. apple profetana says: Reply

    never seen a slice apple vendo but now wanting to try one

    1. It’s definitely worth trying !

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    1. Thanks a lot! Still starting though but I would gladly try your suggestion. You can also read the article I wrote on Futakotamagawa. Feel free to post a comment on it!

  3. I haven’ t got a chance to try purchasing fresh fruits in a vendo.. That really surprised me!

    1. You better try one 🙂 Actually the price isn’t that much of a difference in grocery shops. Super convenient when you’re in a hurry to grab a quick snack.

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