Top Yakitori Choices


Grilling food over charcoal simply reminds me a lot of my country knowing that growing up I’ve always love eating pork barbeque. But certainly that yearning to taste that salty smoky flavor isn’t a problem here in Japan. Their version is definitely one of the best I’ve tried so far. They call it Yakitori, grilled chicken skewers cut in small bite sizes. They use all parts of the chicken from the skin to the internal organs so no parts get wasted. It is then seasoned with either salt (shio) or sauce (tare) for customer’s preference. However, I love both. Local Japanese and even foreign tourists enjoy Yakitori with an ice cold beer which obviously take all the stress away after a tiring day at work. So, it’s a delightful treat for salary men (business men) and it comes with a reasonable price and others may cost roughly around 200 yen. Good news for those who are on a tight budget.

This Japanese cuisine has certainly been well-known not just for its taste but the overall satisfaction it provides to the customers. Here are the famous types of Yakitori you can surely enjoy when visiting Japan.



Another skewered chicken thigh (momo) but this one has something in between. It’s sequenced with negi (onions) giving each bite that sweet and crusty feeling in your palate. Also, this yakitori is definitely a bestseller so this is the best choice to have.


Japanese version for skewered meatballs. Usually this comes in regular meatball shape or long patty size. It’s made of minced chicken meat, egg and vegetables. When I first tried it, it has the explosions of different flavor in your mouth.


Who says buttocks aren’t delicious? Well not for this skewered chicken buttocks. I was pretty much scared to try it at first but when I got to taste it, it has that juicy and fatty meat that will leave you wanting for more. It may sound funny, but this one is of the best buttocks experience I’ve had so far.


Eating an animal’s digestive system especially for a bird will definitely freak anyone out. Some say it’s weird. Certainly it is but wait until you try this. Just like any other grilled food, it is therefore crunchy and has that unique firm texture.


The part where you can only get one from each chicken is the heart. It may sound quite exotic but this skewered heart has that springiness taste and a slightly crunchy texture making you forget the idea of eating a heart. Just like the Reba, this is one of the favorites too.

Kawa (chicken skin):皮(かわ)

Skewered chicken skin grilled to that perfect crispy texture. Majority of health conscious people might be skeptical for this choice. However, it wouldn’t make any harm giving one a try.


I wouldn’t deny that this type of yakitori is my favorite – liver. What’s so good about this skewered liver is that they don’t really cooked it inside so you will enjoy that creamy and juicy taste as you chew it. It’s as if each type has it’s own distinct way of cooking.

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  1. Wew!!! Look scrumptious! Where can I try it?

  2. Interesting blog…worth my time:)

    1. Glad to know that you like it. Hope you could try these when you visit Japan.

  3. May be, you can cook these foods for people in Philippines as an owner in your own restaurant:) . That much, it is super good explanations:)

    1. Well that’s a wonderful suggestion. I’d definitely will try that there.

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