Surviving the Japanese Life

Five Ways to Survive in Japan The idea of relocating to a new country is definitely one exciting experience for anybody. You learn and appreciate new culture and customs. It expands your understanding on how other nationalities differ from yours. At some point we get to correct some prejudices we may previously had for that […]

Best Weekend Getaway in Futakotamagawa


 “It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.”                                                                                 – Moises Arias Working in a busy city like Tokyo, a lot of us may wonder how people can unwind and be stress free even for a while. Various options for relaxation are available around the city center but somehow […]

Amazing Japanese Vending Machines


Be Vendo Surprised! Whenever you think of convenience,there is always one country that comes to mind – Japan. It is truly surprising how this country live up to the definition of the word convenience. Their vending machines are a solid proof to that. But, convenience shops are not an exemption on this category for sure. […]

Why I started to blog?


Bucket list! It is that word that most of us associate with death defying adventures we seek to do and would risk our lives doing. It is certainly a silly thing having the same bucket list just to be trendy. But do we all have bucket lists? Certainly! Mine – have my own blog.