To watch movies is definitely one activity we all share to enjoy, but genres do vary. But I’m sure you guys have your top lists too. But most of the time, choosing the best ones isn’t as easy as we thought it was. We always differ with our preferences depending on who’s the actor, director, the story, the genre of movie we love to watch or simply with our mood? Confusing right? But it’s always what you feel after watching it that matters.

So I’m kind of excited to share my top romantic movie choices with you guys on this post. Some of these you may have watched already and probably may not be your favorite choice though. Feel free to share your thoughts on these films in the comment box below.


1.The Notebook

The movie awarded with the best kiss (why not – it’s Ryan Gosling) and take note – a kiss in the rain. Well, that’s just one of the highlights of the film. One of Nicholas Sparks’ well-known novels, it shares a love story tested by status,time and sickness. With this film, I realized that love is patience. It waits and it will always remain. It will surely leave tears on your faces especially when the two main casts exchange those lines one could memorize by heart.True enough, this one left a great mark on my appreciation on how writers write a perfect love story.

2.Notting Hill

“I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

A romantic comedy film played by one of Hollywood’s sweetheart – Julia Roberts. Surely, this movie has its doze of chemistry and humor that you will enjoy. Who would have thought a famous star will fall in love with an ordinary man. Most hopeless romantic movie fans out there will absolutely love this. I’m a Julia Roberts fan myself so I love everything about this film. It’s not like other romantic films that has lot of conflicts and twist. It gives you a light and funny side of love which is seldom experience in films nowadays.


Who would forget Jack and Rose, right? A timeless romantic film we always love to remember and watch. Although the movie depicts the tragic end of history’s largest ship ever built, it also made me appreciate another selfless love portrayed by Hollywood’s A-list stars Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose). It mirrors the never ending prejudice people have on finding true love with someone with the same status in society. But in the end, true love always win. With this film, one could say that money can’t buy love. I may not be that hopeless romantic person but for sure this one is indeed one that inspires me to believe that love exists.

4.50 First Dates

How would you feel when you realize you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again, even your dates? You might ask why and how it happened. For this film, it doesn’t matter how many times you repeated it rather how it made you feel. Similarly, this movie has it’s own version of humor, drama and romance that one could expect in a romcom film, but somehow the chemistry of the two main characters are just so real that it made me watch this movie all over again. Also, if you are a Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler fan like myself, then most likely you’ve watched this or perhaps wanted to add this on your movies to watch on an Netflix.

5.He’s Not Just Into You

Well for those of you who’s been keeping that question, “Is he really into me or we just a hook up?”, then definitely you have to watch this film. Honestly, the title really caught my attention more than the casts (awesome cast of course). I guess it’s natural for most of us girls to watch movies especially romantic one because we can relate to the story. From a cheating boyfriend or husband to that bestfriend you secretly like, or even to that guy you randomly met on a Friday night these are all shown in movies. For this last list, it shares the varied dilemmas of what modern single or married women is facing in their relationship or a “supposed relationship”. Most probably some of you may see yourself in one of the characters, which is fine. So much of it, stop asking yourself those questions, better go and check these movies out.


  1. I love romance, thanks for your suggestions, but aside Titanic i think that i watched it from Cinema Tuner and “He’s Not Just Into You” romance movie was much better,

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