Why I started to blog?


Bucket list!

It is that word that most of us associate with death defying adventures we seek to do and would risk our lives doing. It is certainly a silly thing having the same bucket list just to be trendy.

But do we all have bucket lists?


Mine – have my own blog.

Most of us are sceptical on jump starting our own blogs. We all have these never ending list of questions – how to start?, what is the best topic?, should I put pictures? or how long should I write?. Bud did we ever try all of them? NO.

My curiosity on making my blog started when I was a university student. At first, I thought blogging was just for those people who have constant travel experiences and those with aesthetic taste in fashion. Surprisingly, a newspaper editor friend enlightened me with the real concept of blogging. It was overwhelming to know how it works. I fathom that it was not as complicated I thought it was. So, I added it to my bucket list.

Gradually, years have passed and yet I still decline making a legit blog. I guess we (maybe not all) have varied excuses for that. However, it is only this year that I realized I missed a lot of chances making it happen. Procrastinating added much on the delay for sure. But as the old English proverb says , “If there is a will, there is a way.” so we should never be scared to try.

A colleague once asked me, “Do I need to be excellent with my grammar when I write blogs?” so it made me doubtful once again. We all know how people tend to be so technical when it comes to written materials. Thus, it is a necessity to be prepared always (grammatically).

Having this blog is a kind of platform for us to express our opinions and experiences which may benefit our readers. Focusing too much on the grammatical aspect of writing would not fully deliver the purpose of our blog. As for me, I wanted my readers to acquire new information which they can use in their future endeavours. Also, it allows you to further expand your links since you will be engaging with other bloggers too. From that alone, I believe blogging is more than writing in itself – it is communication.

And this is just the beginning.

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  1. Congratulations
    I am looking forward to reading your posts

    1. Thanks a lot! That would be really great.

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